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Category: Fashion

08 January

The 75th edition of the Golden Globes 2018 that took place yesterday in the fabulous location of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, featured women as undisputed protagonists. The year has just begun, that the red carpets left in the attic for some time already roll out. That of the Golden Globes, the awards that […]

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28 December

New Years Eve: glamour and style only with Roma Luxury’s tips   The countdown to 2018 is on so you have to look hotter and beautiful than always! New Year Fashion is what we are mad after and it is the happiest and special occasion when you want to glam up your personality. The choice […]

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28 December

New Year’s table: how to set it and make it special following Roma Luxury’s tips Dear Readers, A romantic and royal dinner from Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s “The Beauty and the Beast” is what everyone dreams of. A regal service and a ‘beast’ that suddenly becomes the coveted prince charming. Take a seat and take […]

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27 December

New Year’s Eve 2018:  your luxury look for your exclusive gala and party A party night with precious fabrics, versatile looks, refined silhouettes and touches of glamor: because when it comes to dressing, you need to pay attention to details and accessories. But without forgetting the label. For a New Year in the name of  […]

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15 December

Jewels Accessories in your hair: follow Roma Luxury tips and be the shining queen of the party! After talking about which dress to wear and after choosing the right shoes and bags to match, it’s time to think about your hair. Because even them demand a special look for New Year’s Eve evening.  It is […]

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01 December

Rinascente: Rome shines with an exclusive Mega VIP Dolce Vita party Rome is an attitude, even better, Rome is a luxury attitude. Do you want to know why? On November 30th the spotlights were focused on Rome. The Eternal City was the protagonist of a Mega VIP Dolce Vita party under the Oscar-Worthy artistic direction of […]

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27 November

Fendi, for this 2017-2018 Autumn/Winter collection, tells us about Rome that has always been part of its DNA and is in every collection a source of inspiration for the creation of precious clothes and accessories with character for gently determined women. The Roman fashion boutique shows us a dynamic, tireless, multitasking woman who loves Rome […]

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16 November

Leonardo da Vinci: The Salvador Mundi is “The Sacred Grail of the Oldest Paintings” and is one of the most important works of the 21st century. It was a captivating, tight fight. 19 minutes of a intense, compelling and concise duel to win the masterpiece of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi. The bids […]

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15 November

Sock: the exclusive item of clothing that tell us what kind of men are you Once they were coordinated with trousers or shoes, today it’s a free market.   Fantasy or solid cotton or sponge? If not before you considered it now you do it it is also because of the length of the trousers. […]

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14 November

Mary Jane: the it shoes of the season that you could not have in your wardrobe It was the year 1902. The Mary Jane entered  in the homes of American families thanks to Richard F. Outcault Buster Brown’s comic book. And it is just from the comic book that also comes the name of the […]

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