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Tag: Audrey Hepburn

12 July

In the after the Second World War, Rome changes totally its skin, becoming the most glamorous and desired destination of the international jetset. Rome turns into a living cinema set. In 1950 with the filming of Quo vadis, kicks off a epical blockbuster that will become the main attraction of Rome and for many more […]

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20 February

Live the Dolce Vita atmosphere with Roma Luxury. Are you ready? Not everyone knows that the beautiful Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn, has lived in Rome for 20 years with her husband, the psychiatrist Andrea Dotti. In those years she lived in the beautiful Eternal City and she was able to capture the true essence of […]

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30 October

Let’s take a leap back in time, back to the wonderful 50s in Italy and think about Rome. The Eternal City that enters your heart , captures you, enrages you, engages you in a swirl of emotions that last a lifetime The Eternal City reborn after the World War II, explodes in a duo fashion-cinema […]

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27 October

Audrey Hepburn. The eternal grace and elegance of a world cinema diva is the protagonist of the official image of the twelfth edition of the Rome Film Festival, scheduled from 26 October to 5 November 2017, produced by the Cinema Foundation for Rome, chaired by Piera Detassis with the artistic direction of Antonio Monda. The […]

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