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Tag: Event in Rome

20 June

Do you want to refresh yourself after a challenging luxury shopping session in the Gold triangle of Rome? Roma Luxury has the solution perfect for you in a unique location in the center of Rome where you can relax, sip a glass of champagne and chat with your love or your friends with a dj […]

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09 May

Save this date: 20th May 2018. This is a one of a kind event if you’re planning to come to Rome in May… Keep reading to discover why… It is one of the most striking spectacles that may exist, in one of the most beautiful corners in the world: the rain of rose petals at […]

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23 April

Dear Rome, Nowadays you are old, you may seem a bit ‘tired by the passage of time and negligence of man but your beauty, your charm and your soul are always there, proud to be admired among the monuments, between the alleys, between the characteristic roofs and the most beautiful thing is that you are […]

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17 April

The Eternal City was this week end the setting for the most innovative appointment of the year … The first edition of the CBMM Niobium Rome E-Prix. The delicate hiss of electric bolides hypnotized Rome and attracted the most famous faces of politics, sport, entertainment stars, fashion and crowned heads from all around the world. […]

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05 April

Prepare yourself for an aesthetic, emotional and spiritual experience!!! “Beauty has an inner fragrance that you never get used to, and that’s such a powerful place where even if there’s no noise you would hear a million people, the words of the characters, even if drawn, the optical illusion. There is something mystical that reaches […]

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15 March

Take the adventure and experience the gladiator like never before A commander: Massimo Decimo Meridio who leads the Roman army to the victory against the Marcomanni exalting the strength and grandeur of Rome. From the background the most iconic monuments of the eternal city, among all the Colosseum, the place of the bloody battles of […]

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11 December

Wine For Smile: an auction for a smile. An exclusive Vip event that brought together all the prominent personalities and the Roman nobility. The winning combination of excellent Italian wines and solidarity at one of the most prestigious club of Rome. On December 6th, at the Circolo Canottieri Aniene, for the tenth consecutive year, took […]

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